Here are a few testimonials from satisfied clients:

“I was completely at the end of my rope and locked in a battle with the Executor of my mother’s will when I was referred to Brad Micklin. Within six months Brad was able to resolve a conflict that four other attorneys could not accomplish in seven years!  And I won the case. Brad is not only efficient, but he is also responsive, patient and compassionate. I am so grateful to Brad and his dedicated staff; they are all phenomenal.”

“We would like to thank you for doing an unbelievable job on representing us in our divorce and civil suit.We really appreciate the time and patience that you took with us and how you prepared us for what we had to go through. You did everything you said you were going to do. Because of that, we are very happy to have that burden left behind us. But what I really wanted to mention was that we never expected you to be as good as you were during trial. You were completely prepared with all your documents and your well planned arguments. Your closing argument was so good that we just couldn’t believe what we heard. You reminded me of Perry Mason, now that I gave my age away on how old that TV show is. If ever you have any clients who want a referral, you can count on for us for a recommendation. Just give them my cell. Again, thanks for making a difficult situation go away.”

“Brad and his team are absolutely fantastic. He has represented me twice and both times with terrific outcomes. First, by thwarting a plot to modify my limited duration alimony obligation and second to make it permanent. This was a death sentence to me. His ability to anticipate the opposition then deliver solid results to his clients is why I can enthusiastically recommend him. He and his paralegal are worth every last cent. Whatever the need, Brad will get you there. You cannot have better representation in my opinion. I am a client for life.”

“I must say that I am so happy with my choice of attorney. I felt that with Brad, you are not just another client but a person. He does listen very attentively to all of your questions and concerns, his speedy communication is amazing. Professional to the fullest extent. While it is true that he is not the cheapest attorney, you do get more personalized attention which many attorney’s don’t care to do. I would definitely use him again, and refer him out to friends or family.”

“Brad Micklin is fantastic! He leaves no stone unturned, is friendly, professional and knows his stuff! I have e-mailed him many times and he will even answer via his blackberry while in court on trial! He is just AMAZING! Highly recommended!” M. Blum

“Brad was fabulous and continues to be. He did a tremendous job at trial and got the end results we had hoped. I’ve been in Court for over 15 yrs (with other attorneys) ‘fighting’ my X to do what’s best for our child. Brad was my last hope and he came through. He worked hard and long on my case and kept me posted every step of the way. He also has an excellent paralegal – they’re a great team! He is calm and kind but when it comes to Court – he was prepared and ready to win. He’s fantastic. I was so impressed with his knowledge and tactics. I recommend hiring Brad.”

“Mr. Micklin worked very hard for my divorce. My X failed to show many times and Mr. Micklin got it done in spite of her attempts to drag it out. He explained everything step by step, laid out what my options were and handled the court system very professionally. I do not know what else you could ask for. I knew what to expect in plain terms anyone could understand. I never felt out of place or uninformed during the entire process which was complicated in my case.”

“When I was going through my divorce Brad was very honest with me, and never gave me false hope. Every time we went to court Brad did a great job!!! Every time I called him he always got right back to me! No matter what time. I have friends that also got divorced and no matter who you use it is very expensive. I feel Brad was great!!! I do refer all of my friends to him.”

“I looked for an attorney who was local and who could get my Will done. I came across Mr. Micklin who was located in Nutley, when I met with him, he was knowledgeable about the law and took his time answering my questions. I had a free consultation and I thought he would cut me off after 30 minutes, as other attorneys had, but he stayed with me as long as I needed, he answered all of my questions, he was personable, articulate, patient and knew what he was talking about. I knew he was expensive but I also know that you get what you pay for and I needed the best, so I paid for the best and the best I got. The Will,the Living Will & the Power of Attorney were very well written and ready to be signed in less than 2 weeks. Later I went back for some minor changes of my own, which were done quickly and efficiently. I would highly recommend Brad Micklin to anyone who needs legal help. He is honest, empathic and gets the job done.”

“Brad is a very knowledgeable and accomplished Attorney in all areas of Family Law including Estate Planning. My wife and I have been using Brad as our Attorney for many years and recently employed his services for the most important issues in our lives to date, planning our Estate and Wills as we have just had our first child. Brad has been very professional, responsive and extremely helpful in guiding us to make these very important and difficult decisions. Brad is certainly not the cheapest lawyer in New Jersey, thankfully! He is inexpensive in correlation with the quality of service he provides. You get what you pay for with almost all things, and when it comes to professional services, especially lawyers, this is one place you don’t want to be cheap. Value is the goal, getting the best possible service for a fair fee and that is what Brad Micklin provides for us. I hope this is helpful for anyone shopping for a great lawyer. We will retain Brad again and again.”

“I am an officer and dentist in the Air Force. When I received a surprise notice of a visitation and custody hearing, I was, at the same time: Moving, out processing from my duty station, and acquiring a new job. Brad Micklin helped me out when no else could. After all was said and done I got joint legal custody and a very good visitation schedule with my son. He did a great job. Thanks Brad.”

“I am a Police Officer for Essex County New Jersey. Back in February of 2000 I was having a custody battle with my 5 year old child’s mother who was moving out of the State. I needed a lawyer who specialized on domestic issues in a fair, oriented and impartial manner. Brad Micklin represented me and helped me get joint custody, reduce child support and dropped all false charges thrown at me by the child’s mom. I am living proof that if not for Mr Brad Micklin I would not be employed as a Police Officer today.”