Limited Scope Representation for Smaller Matters

Paying for a lawyer can be expensive. There are legal situations that arise that may not require hiring our firm on a full retainer. To that end, we have expanded our practice to include consultative services.


Without sacrificing quality or access to our firm’s more than 20 years of experience in family law, you can now hire us on a limited scope, or “need to know,” basis. Instead of retaining our New Jersey law firm for a complete legal matter, clients can retain us on a limited basis for very specific issues.

Our Limited Scope Consulting Services

Clients of The Micklin Law Group can receive the full benefit of our firm’s collective knowledge and experience without incurring the typical costs associated with legal representation. You can now call on us for the following services:

  • Review a document that you have prepared
  • Prepare a document that you want to file on your own
  • Answer questions about a pending family law matter
  • Prepare you for a hearing for which you will appear on your own

In addition to family law and divorce, we also offer limited scope representation to clients with smaller concerns regarding wills, trusts and estates.

Learn Which Option Best Fits Your Situation During a Free Consultation

It is important to note that this type of service is not always the appropriate option. Many matters are simply just too complex to be dealt with by accessing partial legal advice. However, our consulting option may be exactly what you need to move forward. Please call The Micklin Law Group at 973-562-0100 or contact our law firm online so that we can help you to choose the service most suited to your needs.